Now Re-Open – COVID-19 Information

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We Are Now Open – COVID-19 *9/16/2020

As a responsible business and now able to reopen, we will do our part to help keep our community safe, calm, and keep some “normalcy” for our children during this time. We know you know this already but if your child is not feeling well, please keep them home. There will be plenty of fun events and activities to attend in the near future :).

We ask that each guest entering our space utilize our hand sanitizing station we have set up at our entrance. Adults must wear masks and a temperature check is taken at the door. The health and safety of our families and employees will continue to be of utmost importance to us as we proceed. We have always taken the cleanliness of our space seriously when it comes to our birthday parties and open play parties and will continue our thorough cleaning routine before, during, and after each party. We will continue to

  • Put toys out in small batches
  • Swapping them out with a new sanitized batch between each party
  • Disinfecting of floors and countertops between each party
  • Everything we use is disposable

We space our parties out leaving AMPLE time for THOROUGH cleaning between all parties including

  • Light switches
  • Handles
  • All play areas
  • Bathrooms/Changing Area

We have also taken some more advanced methods to help such as

  • Adding a MERV 13 Filter to help better air quality and helps prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Adding a UV Lamp – this UV disinfection lamp is designed to kill 99% of the harmful bacteria and germs in a room

We feel fortunate that we are an intimate party space where gatherings are small, generally consist of close friends and family, and feel confident we can maintain a healthy atmosphere for our guests and staff. Adults must wear masks and a temperature check is taken at the door. For those who have upcoming parties with us, please feel free to keep in contact with us at any time (516) 208-6737 with questions or concerns.

With love,
The Once Upon a Sundae team